These Alternate Madden 16 Covers Burn Every Team in the NFL (Gallery)

alternate madden 16 covers

Every year, EA Sports makes headlines when they reveal the athlete on the cover of Madden. That’s partly because people want to see who will be haunted by the legendary “Madden curse,” and partly because football fans are starved and desperate for any story about the NFL.

Unfortunately, Madden covers rarely live up to the hype. In fact, the cover of Madden 15 was an utter laughing stock.

That’s probably why the folks over at @NFLRT went to all the trouble of creating alternate Madden 16 covers for every NFL team. They must have figured, hey, if a Madden cover is going to be funny, it might as well be intentional.

As you can see for yourself in the gallery below, the results of @NFLRT’s labor are (mostly) brilliant. That said, if you should happen to find any of them offensive—and I can almost guarantee you will—remember not to shoot the messenger.


Hat Tip – [@NFLRT]

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