Vladimir Putin Spent His Birthday Scoring Seven Goals in a Hockey Game (Video)


I think we’ve established that Vladimir Putin is no slouch when it comes to athleticism. The man could wrestle a bear into submission, I think. But it’s still a little goofy to see the 63 year-old Russian president hit the ice with actual hockey players and score seven goals. That’s some North Korean-level “let the boss take the shot” treatment right there.

He’s a decent hockey player, but come on. Surely someone would have checked Father Time into the boards.

The fact that all this took place on his birthday is even more suspect. By holding the event on your birthday, you’re essentially putting a forcefield around you the entire match.

Here are some clips:

Now let’s all take a moment of silence and honor this man the day after his birthday. Then let’s hope that he goes on an international hockey tour and see how well he fares.

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