Gronk Gives a Lap Dance to Some Lady at the Boston Globe Awards Ceremony (Video)

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There’s never a bad time to give a lap dance, and no one knows that better than Gronk. The Pats tight end was in attendance at the House of Blues in Boston for a Boston Globe awards show, when, seemingly apropos of nothing, he walked over to a lady sitting down, and proceeded to give her a wildly intense five-second lap dance. ¬†Though it wasn’t as seductive as a lap dance. It was a dry-humping. But a comical one.

She laughed, he laughed, and they high-fived over Gronk doing Gronk things. The world kept spinning.

Here’s the video:

I don’t know if Gronk was celebrating a win, or maybe working out a kink in his hip flexor. But he’s looking limber and spry for that Dallas game this weekend.

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