This Fella Turns the Kiss-Cam into the Lick-Cam, and It’s Gross (GIF)


The idea of a kiss-cam is kind of cute, but also kind of weird. There’s a lot that could go wrong when you put pressure on two people to kiss publicly. While this video doesn’t show the absolute worst thing that could happen, it’s pretty bad. This guy just straight-up licks his date across the face.


Granted, it’s just some dumb kids (this would be a lot grosser if it was middle-aged adults), so we’re gonna chalk it up to shock value, and not how they actually display their love.

This took place at a Pistons preseason game when they were hosting the Nets. I guess this can also be a cautionary tale: People who attend preseason games are gross.

There’s a lot to be learned here, but mostly, don’t lick people.

Hat Tip – [Reddit]

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