Pete Rose Questions Josh Donaldson’s Toughness After Jays’ MVP Exits Game 1 With Possible Concussion (Video)

Josh Donaldson knee to the head

Game One of the ALDS between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Texas Rangers saw three elite-level players exit the game due to injuries.

Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre left in the top of the third due to lower back stiffness.  Jose Bautista of the Jays was finished after eight with leg cramps.  And MVP candidate Josh Donaldson was forced to leave after taking a knee to the head while breaking up a double-play in the bottom of the fourth inning.

Donaldson was visibly shaken on the play.  He was eventually removed from the contest due to lightheadedness and evaluated for a possible concussion.

Donaldson would pass those tests and is expected to be evaluated again tomorrow, at which point it will be determined whether or not he’ll be able to play in Friday’s Game 2.

In the meantime, there are those who are questioning how Donaldson could even consider leaving such a big game in the first place.

Specifically, Pete Rose is asking such questions, as the all-time hits leader and current Fox Sports 1 analysts had the following to say during the network’s postgame show:

“I just don’t understand,” Rose said. “I mean, does everybody know what we’re playing for now? I mean, you get a tweak and you got to leave the game. You get a knee on the head and you’ve got a helmet on and you got to leave the game to go take a test that you pass. I mean, cause you’re a little light-headed? I got light-headed how many times in my career. I still went out there and played. I guess it’s just different from when I played to when they’re playing today, Frank. I can’t see you sliding into second there and leaving the game. I really can’t. And this guy is the MVP.”

I’m guessing Rose hasn’t watched Donaldson play very much this season. If he had, he’d probably already known that the all-star third baseman is the type of player who does things like diving head-first into the stands to make an attempt on a foul ball during a regular season game in the middle of June. Does he really think Donaldson wouldn’t have continued to play if he thought he was capable of doing so—or if the training staff had let him?

Pete Rose will always be one of the toughest players to ever play the game, but comments like these leave me thinking that perhaps he took one too many knocks to the head during his playing days.

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