This Sacramento Fan Busts Loose on the Arena Steps (Video)

sacramento fan

Football teams don’t really have fans that dance in the stands. They have fans that wear $2,000 costumes in the stands and fans who get drunk and beat each other up. That’s about it.

They need more people like this kid. Look at how happy he is. I’ve never been that happy in my entire life. He’s got a huge grin being a goofball. This Sacramento fan doesn’t even get upset when the kid behind him tries to steal his thunder. Thunder-stealer.

When the Kings win and it’s Friday tomorrow…

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Did the Kings beat the Spurs last night? They did. Do they owe it all to this delightful little kid? They do. They need to give him season tickets NOW, so that he can pull this out when the Kings are getting smoked by 20 in the 3rd, which will probably happen a fair amount of times.

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