49ers Field Invader Gets Carried off During Sunday Night Game (Video)

field invader

A field invader crashed the field at Levi’s Stadium during the 49ers-Giants game last night on Sunday Night Football, leaving many people at home wondering what exactly took so long to scoop the guy up. As is policy, NBC didn’t give the guy any attention by showing him run around the field and evade police, leaving our imaginations to run wild.

However, after the fact we were able to get some video and images of the very end, but not the fun part where he ran around.

The field invader was tackled by about a half dozen state troopers, which couldn’t have been fun, before he was forcibly removed from the field by even more people:

Sure, he’s probably going to jail, but it was a fun little break from what was otherwise a pretty boring (until the end) game.

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