Charles Woodson Intercepts Peyton Manning For The First (and Second) Time Ever (Videos)

Charles Woodson intercept Peyton Manning

Since entering the league 18 years ago, Charles Woodson had recorded plenty of interceptions—62 heading into Sunday’s contest against the Denver Broncos, to be exact.  But not a single one of them was against Peyton Manning, who joined the league with Woodson back in 1998.

The Oakland Raiders defensive back said he’d like nothing more than to celebrate his 39th birthday by intercepting the Broncos’ quarterback, and yesterday he did just that…

…not once…

…but twice:

It was a pretty impressive performance for the 39-year-old free safety.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to earn his team the victory, as they fell to the Broncos, 16-10.  That afforded Manning the opportunity to crack a few jokes about his two passes that landed in Woodson’s hands, saying the following during his post-game press conference:

“Took him 18 years. Probably offsets the two TDs I threw on him last year. Call it a wash.”

Seems fair.

Hat Tip to BroBible for the videos.

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