Police Brutality? Cubs Fan In Goat Costume Body-Slammed By Pittsburgh Cop (Video)

Pittsburgh Cop body slam Cubs fan

While Chicago Cubs pitcher Jake Arrieta was frustrating the heck out of Pittsburgh Pirates players and their fans during last week’s NL Wild Card Game, one Pittsburgh cop seemed to be looking for some revenge when he took out his frustration on this poor Cubs fan who was dressed in a silly goat costume.

First, we’ll hear the abused Billy Goat’s version of the story, via Sports Mockery:

After I was notified by text that I was on TV, I tried holding up my sign and was hit with a “spit” chewing tobacco cup by a pirates fan in the left field bleachers. I had an exchange of words with the fan and the usher told me I was kicked out. I left my seat and was exiting through the concourse when a Pittsburgh police officer who didn’t know any details confronted me, once I asked him if I could talk to him about the situation, he grabbed me and attempted to put me in a choke hold. I asked him to stop, he said “or what” (you can clearly hear this on the video). Then, the other security guards tried to smack the phone recording the incident out of my friends hands. I was then body slammed and handcuffed. No arrest was made, nor were any charges filed. They merely kicked me out for being a fan and excited to be on TV and watching my team win.

And now, the video:

That Pittsburgh cop better hope PETA doesn’t find out about this.

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