Raiders Fan Gets Broncos Fan to Stop Celebrating in a Gentlemanly Way (Video)

raiders fan

If you read that headline and figured it was sarcastic, and a Raiders fan actually got a Broncos fan to stop cheering by beating them up or kidnapping their baby, I can’t blame you. Raiders fans have a terrible reputation for a reason. But I’m happy to say that this Raiders fan was actually a nice guy.

I mean, it would have been nicer if he had allowed the Broncos fan to continue to celebrate, but if he had to make her stop, this is how you do it: you gently lower her arms to her side.

More Raiders fans like this, please. And fewer Raiders fans who shove gasoline-soaked rags down your throat and stab you in the kidneys with a screwdriver.

Whenever a Raiders fan demonstrates civility, it’s a front-page item.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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