Rajon Rondo’s Career Descent Continues with an Airball Free-Throw (Video)

Rajon Rondo

After essentially burning any currency he had as a team leader last year by walking out on the Dallas Mavericks for no good reason, Rajon Rondo was given another chance by the Sacramento Kings, a club with enough problems that he actually seems like a good fit.

However, things haven’t turned around for the prima donna point guard, who airballed a free throw by a foot on Saturday:

At this point, you have to ask yourself, “where is the value in Rajon Rondo?” He’s petulant, and even if you get him to try, it looks like he might not be able to perform even the most basic tasks.

And as his talents fail him, he’ll likely blame the coach or system, as he did in Dallas, and he’ll be on his way out of Sacramento, and the league, soon enough.

Anyone going to miss him?


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