UFC Fighter Has Woman Walk into His House Uninvited, Lock Herself in Bathroom, Poops EVERYWHERE (Video)

ufc fighter

Here’s a fun story from the world of UFC. Urijah Faber, an MMA fighter, was at home over the weekend, possibly with a few guests, when a drunk woman showed up at his door, then went straight into his bathroom. Strange, but not gross (yet). However, it gets gross in a hurry as the UFC fighter found she had locked herself inside. He called the police, who opened the door to find the lady passed out, ass-up naturally, and poop and vomit everywhere in the room.

He recorded the whole thing in Snapchat videos, which someone then assembled into a not-very helpful video. It’s not too graphic, but there’s a little poop. You’ve been warned.

To his credit, the UFC fighter seems pretty chill about the whole thing. Maybe this happens regularly.

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