Cam Newton Went to a Spa With Peyton Manning’s Brother, Cooper (Video)


Cooper Manning may not be as heralded as Eli, Peyton, or their dad, Archie, but he’s still a pretty famous guy. He’s got a segment on Fox’s NFL morning show entitled The Cooper Manning Hour (minus 58 minutes). It’s pretty cute, right?

This week, he took 4-0 Cam Newton to a spa on his bye week.

If you’re looking for football analysis, go somewhere else. If you want to see a Between Two Ferns-style of deadpan humor, then this might be for you.

They mostly talk about being naked under robes and how many manicures they get each day. It’s clear that Cooper also has his brothers’ charm, if not their football legacy. And this looks like the perfect way for Cam Newton to unwind during his week off.

Take a look:

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