Eric Decker’s Wife Joins #Normalizebreastfeeding Movement (Pics)

Over the last few years, a growing number of celebrity moms have joined the movement seeking to de-stigmatize breastfeeding, and women like Gisele Bundchen, Alyssa Milano, Olivia Wilde, Miranda Kerr, and Jamie King have all published photos of themselves nursing their babies to raise awareness for the cause.

This is a good thing. Breastfeeding is a normal, natural, and healthy thing. In fact, contrary to what some might have you believe, breastfeeding is in fact the reason woman have breasts in the first place. There’s no reason any mother should be made to feel like she has to hide it or avoid doing it in public.

Does that mean all mom’s should feel comfortable and┬áconfident enough to post pictures of themselves nursing their babies on social media? Absolutely not. If mom’s want to nurse in public, great. If they don’t, great.

That said, if a few brave women want to post photos of themselves breastfeeding to raise awareness of the issue, I say more power to them.

The latest celebrity (and NFL WAG) to take up the cause? That would be country/pop singer Jessie James Decker, wife of New York Jets wide receiver Eric Decker. She posted a glamorized breastfeeding photo on Instagram on Friday. Then she posted another one after a few cynics suggested the photo was fake. And this time she used the hashtag #normalizebreastfeeding.

Take a look:

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