Harold Reynolds Insulted Canadian Baseball Fans, And It Really Pissed Them Off (Video)

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Fox baseball analyst Harold Reynolds stepped in a big steaming pile of Moose sh*t during the Blue Jays-Rangers game on Sunday night.

During the top of fourth inning, after Jose Bautista had fouled a Martin Perez pitch into the stands on the first base line, Reynolds decided it was the perfect time to say something incredibly ignorant about Canada.

Have a listen:

That’s right. According to Harold Reynolds, “because there’s not a lot of people that grew up playing baseball in Canada, they’re not used to catching a lot of balls in the stands.”

Of course, the notion that Toronto Blue Jays fans are not as good at catching foul balls is stupid. But even stupider was the notion that Canadians don’t grow up playing baseball, because OF COURSE THEY GROW UP PLAYING BASEBALL.

Sure, hockey is number one in Canada. But, percentage-wise, I bet more Canadians play baseball than there are Americans who play hockey. Have you ever been there? There are baseball diamonds at every park, just like America. That’s why there’s a Major League Baseball team in Toronto. And it’s why there are a number of very famous Canadian baseball players, including former MVPs and Cy Young winners.

Needless to say, Canadian baseball fans watching at home were not happy with Reynolds. And, just like angry Americans, they took to Twitter to express their displeasure.

Even Canada’s own Larry Walker, winner of seven Gold Gloves and one NL MVP award, chimed in.

Take a look:

Of course, as you probably know, the Blue Jays won both games in Texas to even the series at two games a piece, which means Game 5 will be Wednesday in Toronto.

How much do you want to bet Harold Reynolds is one of those unlucky people chosen for a “random” customs inspection at the airport?

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