Noted White Sox Fan Barack Obama Congratulates Cubs (Tweet)

barack obama

Barack Obama knows how to be diplomatic. He is a politician, after all. So when the crosstown rivals of his White Sox took the next step in their World Series run, he did the bigger thing and congratulated them. Via Twitter. Which I guess is the least personal way to congratulate people, but still…he’s busy.

Here’s his Tweet:

Haha. Now that I read it again, it sounds a little begrudging. But it’s still warmer than if the Cards had won. That message probably would have just been, “F*ck you, Cardinals – Potus and America.” Which would have been JUST the kind of Tweet that the lame duck president can get away with.

Anyway, we’ll try to keep this positive. I would expect to see Obama at a game sometime this series, but I also expect him to wear a White Sox hat.

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