Turns Out Bernard Pierce Had a Concussion When He Blocked for the Wrong Team on Sunday (Video)

bernard pierce concussion

Remember when that Jaguars player blocked for the wrong team during a game on Sunday, and you laughed and made fun of the Jaguars for being so pathetic?

Well, it turns out you’re a jerk, because that guy had a concussion.

For those of you who need refreshing, the Jags player in question was Bernard Pierce. During what turned into a 58-yard punt return by the Buccaneers’ Bobby Rainey, Pierce was in a position to make a tackle on Rainey when, apparently under the impression that his team was the one returning, he turned around and blocked another Bucs player while Rainey ran right past him.

Take a look:

After the game, every reporter who talked to Pierce was like, dude, WTF? But the guy had no explanation.

At that point alarm bells started going off. And pretty soon, the Jags were like, “oh sh*t, Bernard Pierce suffered a traumatic brain injury. Whoops!”

Strangely, Jags coach Gus Bradley wouldn’t come out and say the concussion was to blame for Pierce’s gaffe.

“When I saw it I couldn’t believe it, but I know he’s in the concussion protocol,” Bradley said before pulling back. “I know after the game he had concussion symptoms. That’s where I’ll leave it at that, the play itself if you watched it.”

Apparently Bradley wants to hold out hope that Pierce might just be a moron, and that the Jags coaching staff wasn’t incompetent in detecting that one of their players had a brain injury.

Good luck with that, bud.

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