Cubs Fans Are, Of Course, Celebrating Their Win…Big Time (Tweets)

cubs fans

Not only did the Cubs win their division over the rival St. Louis Cardinals, but they’re heading to the NLCS in 2015, on their way to the World Series in 2015, just as the Back to the Future 2 prophecy suggested.

So fans in Cubbyworld are going crazy, mostly in a good way. Here are a few Tweets and Instagram posts that may help you join in the revelry alongside all the Cubs fans who took last night as a ticket to go nuts.

Surreal moment that so many within my family have dreamt about and I witnessed in person. Pinch me!!

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Then you’ve got these beloved celebrities…and Jim Belushi:

And Eddie Vedder rocking out with a rendition of “All the Way,” while wearing a batting helmet and strumming a guitar:

Eddie Vedder jammin with the boys! #AllTheWay

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Here’s the scene outside Wrigley. Looks fun:

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And this caption says it all…GOAT:

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