Donald Trump Asks Who’s Winning #DemDebate, Curt Schilling Says ISIS (Tweets)

curt schilling says ISIS won #demdebate donald trump asks who is winning #demdebate, Curt Schilling has an answer

During Tuesday night’s Democratic presidential debate, Donald Trump got on Twitter and asked his followers who they thought was winning.

Now, as you probably know, Trump is a pretty huge troll, so you kind of expected him to try to stir the pot a bit during the debate. But this was actually a pretty straightforward question. He didn’t ask who was losing the loser debate. He formulated his question as objectively as possible.

Fortunately, Curt Schilling was quick to offer a smartass answer.

Take a look:

If you thought Curt Schilling was going to tone down his Twitter game after getting suspended by ESPN for comparing Muslims to Nazis, you thought wrong. He’s a True Patriot™, and he will not be silenced.

Of course, even if we all agreed that Democrats are in fact soft on terrorism, Schilling’s comment still wouldn’t make much sense. It was a primary debate, not a Congressional committee meeting. No actual policy was being created. ISIS has about as much to gain from the #DemDebate as they do from a debate between two 10th graders running for class president.

But let’s not get bogged down by logic. Curt doesn’t! Instead, lets take a look at some of the sweet burns people tweeted in response.

Politics and sports—the perfect combination, amiright?

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