Klay Thompson Cheated on His Crazy Hot Girlfriend, So She Put Him on Blast (Pics)

klay thompson cheated on his hot girlfriend, so she put him on blast

Do I know for sure that Klay Thompson cheated on his crazy hot girlfriend, Instagram model Hannah Stocking? No I do not.

But here’s what I do know. I know that, on Sunday, Hannah Stocking got on Twitter and accused Klay Thompson of cheating in a series of tweets that has since been deleted. And I know that she claims to have found him naked and in bed with a “groupie,” and that he was “harassing” her, so she put him on blast.

klay thompson cheated
And even though the Tweets above have been deleted, there is other evidence of relationship turnover on Stocking’s Twitter feed.

Like this tweet, for example:

And this one:

Aaaaand these:

So I’d say the likelihood of this story being true is pretty high.

Sadly, this disappointing news comes less than a year after the world first learned Thompson and Stocking were dating.

Here’s a gallery to remind you what an idiot Klay Thompson is:


Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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