Former Porn Star Lisa Ann Says Sleeping with Hundreds of Athletes Gives Her a Unique Perspective on Fantasy Sports (Video)

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Fox Sports recently did a lengthy and in-depth profile on Lisa Ann.

Of course, you might know Lisa Ann as the star of such adult films as Who’s Nailin’ Paylin? Or you might know her as the porn star who “dates” all those athletes. Or you might know her as the host of Sirius XM fantasy football show Lisa Ann Does Fantasy. And the Fox piece covers all the bases.

But the most interesting part? It would have to be when she explains how her sex life—and in particular her fondness for athletes—gives her a unique perspective on fantasy sports.

Here’s an excerpt:

But Ann had a unique advantage. When she was off-set during her 15-year career as a porn actress, she estimates she had sex with hundreds of professional athletes — baseball players, football, basketball, hockey. Her life revolves around these two key elements — sex and sports — and she gets a lot of both. To call her a groupie, or “groupie extraordinaire” as one blog said, would be too easy. While some women have sex with celebrities for status, athletes often line up to hook up with Ann for the prestige it brings them…

Over the years she stayed in touch with her conquests and has become so intertwined with certain franchises that her love affairs have gained her unprecedented access.

“I’ll sit in the family room or green room beforehand and start talking to play-by-play guys or coaches or agents that walk by,” she says. “Most of them think they’re going to f— me the whole time. And 99 percent of them never will, but I’m willing to fight that battle to get to know stuff about these teams.”…

“Because of who she is and her past in sports, she can bring a human perspective to fantasy sports,” Ronis says. “It’s such a stat-driven world we lose sight of that, but she understands what these guys go through.”

So you see, all those athletes Lisa Ann gets with—that’s not just for fun. That’s research.

Who knew?

In any case, you should definitely read the rest of the profile. It’s very interesting.

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