This Man Is Slacklining Over a Pit of Alligators Because He’s Insane (Video)


You know what’s cool? Slacklining. All by itself. Walking on that bendy band takes skill and earns my respect. There’s no need to spruce it up with other elements of danger. You don’t need to do it 20 feet off the ground when 5 will suffice. And you certainly don’t need to do it over killer reptiles.

This guy didn’t get that memo, and the weird part is that his slacklining is so close to the water that the alligators could reach him even if he did an awesome job.

Take a look:

Yup. That’s pretty crazy. And/or stupid.

He doesn’t get eaten by alligators, which is either a relief or a letdown, but it’s still a pretty amazing clip to watch.

Hat Tip – [Bleacher Report]

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