Watch ‘Mini Bautista’ Use Voodoo Magic to Make Regular-Sized Bautista Hit His ALDS-Winning Home Run (Video)

mini bautista

Toronto Blue Jays fans have a lot of people to thank for their team’s thrilling Game 5 victory over the Texas Rangers on Wednesday night. Starting pitcher Marcus Stroman, designated hitter Edwin Encarnacion, right fielder Jose Bautista, and of course the Rangers infielders all played huge roles in ensuring the Blue Jays moved on to the 2015 American League Championship Series.

That said, nobody played a larger role in the Blue Jays big win than Mini Bautista.

Who is Mini Bautista? He’s a young Blue Jays fan who dresses up like the real Jose Bautista, obviously. And on Wednesday night he pre-enacted Bautista’s monster ALDS-winning blast.

That’s right. Pre-enacted.

Take a look:

That. Is. Awesome.

The best part? Mini Bautista was only at the game because his family of Blue Jays superfans won tickets from CBC Toronto. It was fate!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, Mini Bautista goes to every game dressed like his favorite player:

Obviously, it would behoove the Blue Jays and the city of Toronto to make sure Mini Bautista and the rest of his family get tickets to Games 3 and 4 of the ALCS. The team needs their voodoo magic.

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