This Toddler Gets Knocked the Hell Over in the Royals Postgame Celebration (Video)


A little kid was being playfully swung around as people on the diamond celebrated the Royals win over the Astros. That’s really not news (unless it’s a REALLY slow news day, which it wasn’t), but it BECAME news when the child and all the centrifugal force contained within was harnessed to knock over an approaching toddler that was about three apples tall.

The toddler walks up and BAM! No more toddling for that toddler.

Normally, I’m all for videos of little kids getting knocked over. You know they’ll cry but they’re not hurt, and watching people with an extremely low center of gravity fall is just hilarious.

But this first video is pretty terrible because you can hear the guy filming it let out the world’s creepiest laugh. It’s like “heh.” It’s exactly “heh.” He’s clearly alone, and this upload is the high point of his weird night:

Fortunately, we have an angle without the weird laughing guy, and it’s an equally awesome shot.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the little kid who has probably forgotten about the whole thing and has a face full of yogurt right now.

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