Adidas Actually Signed Adrian Peterson to an Endorsement Deal


I guess if you get caught beating your kid, the rule is that you’ll be out of the league for a year, and endorsable for no more than a year and a half or so. At least, that’s how things shook out for Adrian Peterson, who returned to the league after missing almost all of last year due to allegations of child abuse. Nike naturally dropped the superstar running back when the charges surfaced, but now it seems that Adidas has picked him up.

Peterson has said that he’s been offered the occasional endorsement deal now that sponsors are warming up to him again:

“I get a couple texts from my marketing guy, saying different things,” Peterson said. “But I’ll look at it and go on about my day. It’s not really a big deal, to be honest with you. I’m with Adidas now, and that’s well. But mostly, I’m focusing on football and handling business. Everything else will work out.”

Peterson was dropped by most every sponsor, and the sponsors were a large factor in the league putting him on the exempt list. It seems now that even if he isn’t forgiven by sponsors and the press, his actions may be forgotten somewhat.

The terms of the deal were not disclosed to the public.

Hat Tip – [ESPN]

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