Erin Andrews Is Suing Marriott for $75 Million Stemming from That Peeping Video


Back in 2008, a video circulated online that revealed Erin Andrews naked in her hotel room. It was established that the creep in the room next to her, Michael Barrett, invaded her space to film her from next door. However, in Andrews’ eyes, the blame doesn’t stop with Barrett. She recently amended her 2011 lawsuit against Marriott, saying that the hotel brand and operator was partly responsible for giving this guy the room next to hers.

Without knowing what protocol is or precedence, it’s hard to know what to make of this suit, in which she’s asking for a whopping $75 million.

I would guess that this settles for far, far less, but the publicity alone could be enough to have hotel chains thinking twice before putting people next to celebrities at their request.

We’ll see…