Johnny Manziel Involved in Dispute with Girlfriend Involving Alcohol

Johnny Manziel

It sounds like Johnny Manziel has found himself with something to answer for, yet again, as he was involved in a fight with his girlfriend in a car. Police were called to the scene by witnesses, but no charges were pressed or arrests made.

According to TMZ, Manziel and his girlfriend were pulled over in a car he was driving after another driver reported him to the police for passing on the shoulder at a high speed. Once they were pulled over, Manziel’s girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, told police that they had been drinking earlier in the day in downtown Cleveland. Police said that neither one seemed intoxicated at the time they were pulled over to warrant an arrest for DUI or intoxication.

During their argument, she reportedly had her head pushed against a window and threw a wallet out of the car. Crowley had an abrasion on her arm, but it was said that was from Manziel restraining her from leaving the car while he was driving.

Regardless of what transpired, the alcohol element alone is enough to draw the attention of fans, media, and the Browns front office. Manziel’s alcohol issues last year were a source of contention within the squad, and he recently completed rehab in April for alcohol.

Since he didn’t break any laws, it’s not clear what punishment, if any, would come from the team, but the bigger question here is whether or not Manziel is still battling his demons. Based on this report, it sounds like he is.

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