Random Mets Fan Kisses Terry Collins After NLDS Win (Videos)

random Mets fan kisses Terry Collins

Mets manager Terry Collins did a fantastic job this year guiding his team to an NL East title and, now, the National League Championship Series. Obviously it helps to have a rotation full of incredible young fireballers. But young pitchers don’t automatically succeed. They have to be coached. And then the rest of the team has to do their job, too. So clearly, Collins deserved a lot of credit. In fact, if you’re a Mets fan, given the last decade of dysfunction—remember, this is a franchise that lost all its money in Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme and still has Bobby Bonilla on the books for $1.2 million a year—you almost have to view him as the savior of the franchise.

I bring all this up, of course, because last night, after the Mets beat the Dodgers, one extremely jubilant (and probably slightly intoxicated) Mets fan at Dodger Stadium leaned over the railing and planted a kiss on Collins and shouted “I LOVE YOU!”

Oh, and that extremely jubilant (and probably slightly intoxicated) Mets fan was a dude. That’s an important detail.

Take a look:

You don’t see that every day. Kudos to Collins for not freaking the hell out.

As for the Dodgers fan right behind the Mets kisser—the one with the braided ponytail—who flips Collins the bird: stay classy, bro.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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