Cops Release Dash Cam Footage and 911 Call of Johnny Manziel Roadside Stop (Video)

Johnny Manziel 911 call

On Friday, Johnny Manziel was said to be involved in a roadside dispute with girlfriend Colleen Crowley, which may have involved the consumption of alcohol and resulted in a 911 call and the arrival of law enforcement.

In the end, no arrests were made, but we do have some new information on the incident, thanks to the release of the officer’s dash cam footage along with audio recordings of two 911 calls that were made by witnesses who saw the dispute on side of Interstate 90.

First, the dash cam footage. In it, you can hear one officer talk to Colleen while another goes for a walk along the side of the road with Manziel:

Then there’s the audio from two separate 911 calls.

The first comes from a lady who witnessed Johnny and Colleen speeding past them on the shoulder of the highway. She claims that Crowley is trying to jump out, while Manziel is “poking her by her neck”:

As for the second call, it was made by another female who was assisting the couple while they were stopped on the side of the road. You can hear Johnny Manziel saying,”I’m trying to take her home, I’m sober,” while the caller tells the operator that Colleen “might be intoxicated”:

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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