Ravens Kicker Misses Field Goal After Levi’s Stadium Sinkhole Swallows His Plant Foot (Video)

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Box scores do not tell the whole story. Nobody understands this better right now than Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker.

On paper, Tucker missed a golden opportunity on Sunday. About a minute and a half into the 4th quarter against the San Francisco 49ers at Levi’s Stadium, Tucker attempted a 45-yard field goal that would have cut the Niners’ lead to just three points with almost a whole quarter left to play. However, Tucker shanked the ball and hit the upright, and on the ensuing possession the Niners scored a touchdown to put the game out of reach.

What the box score will not tell you is that Tucker only missed that 45-yard field goal attempt because a Levi’s Stadium sinkhole swallowed his planting foot right as he was kicking.

That’s right. Sinkhole.

Take a look:

I am not a Ravens fan, and please pardon my French, but that is some serious motherf#%&ing bull$&*t right there. Tucker missed that kick because the field at the 49ers’ $1.4 billion stadium—the very same field that will host Super Bowl 50 in February—has SINKHOLES? That’s bush league. If I’m the Ravens, I’m filing all kinds of appeals over this.

Hat Tip – [Washington Post]

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