Bettor Wins Over $9,000 on $10 Parlay Thanks to Miracle Michigan State Touchdown (Pic)

michigan state touchdown wins bettor $9,000 on $10 parlay

The miracle Michigan State touchdown that handed Michigan their most heartbreaking defeat in a generation on Saturday is just the gift that keeps on giving.

On Monday, Las Vegas sports book Bovada tweeted out a photo of a winning 12-game, $10 parlay ticket that paid out over $9,200.

If you’re not familiar with sports gambling, in a parlay you pick the outcome of a series of games, and you only win the bet if you get them all correct. Since your chances of winning become smaller and smaller the more games you pick, the potential payout gets bigger and bigger.

In this particular case, the bettor made some moneyline picks (meaning he or she only had to pick the winner) and some point spread picks (meaning he or she was picking whether teams would cover or beat the spread). And right there in the middle was Michigan State as a moneyline pick.

Take a look:

We already knew the miracle Michigan State touchdown had to cost Vegas sports books a lot of money, seeing as how Michigan State went in as the underdog. But nobody could have expected this!

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