HS Player Makes Ridiculous One-Handed Interception, Beckham-Style (Video)

hs player

Normally when you see an amazing catch downfield, it’s from a wide receiver. Then, less frequently, it’s from a cornerback. Well, this catch was made by David Gonzalez of North Lake Charter (NC), who’s a safety. So this wasn’t just an amazing catch by a HS player; it was an interception.

It’s funny that since Odell Beckham‘s legendary catch last year, it seems like more of these catches are popping up. Are we just recognizing these plays more now that Odell put them in our mind? Or are players making the catch more often than before? Are they practicing this play? It seems like that would be dangerous.

Here’s the amazing catch:

Amazingly, if he doesn’t make that catch, the pass probably gets caught by the wide receiver for a TD. Nice work on a high-stakes play!


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