Report: Fred Jackson Wrecks Car During Street Race With Marshawn Lynch (Video)

Fred Jackson Marshawn Lynch Drag Race Accident

On the field, Seahawks running backs Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson compete for snaps.  On Tuesday, that healthy competition between the two veterans spilled over onto the streets, where Jackson and Lynch were reportedly racing at high speeds before the former crashed his black Corvette into a large planter box and a stop sign.

While police have since told TMZ that there is no proof the two backs were involved in a drag race, witnesses have indicated that Jackson’s Vette and Lynch’s white sports car were both traveling at very high speeds.

Several Seahawks teammates were said to have stopped to check on their teammates following the crash, which took place on a public road near the team’s training facility as the players were making their way home following practice.  Lynch appeared to be unharmed, while Jackson was taken back to the team facility for further evaluation.  Apparently, he’s fine, and he wasn’t racin’ no one:

For a team who’s already endured their fair share of injury woes at the running back position this season, an incident like this probably isn’t what they needed right now.

Here’s a look at the aftermath of the crash:

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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