Ruthless Kid Knocks Girl Off Bike with a Basketball (Video)

kid knocks girl off bike with basketball

I don’t know who any of the kids in this video are. I don’t know where they live. All I know is the kid with the basketball is a psychopath.

Let me set it up for you. This kid is dribbling a basketball on a driveway, acting like a jackass. Then he sees a couple of girls riding by on their bikes. So the kid says, “hey ladies,” to which one of them replies, “f*ck you.”

And then the kid throw his basketball at one of the girls, hitting her bike with Aaron Rodgers-like precision, sending the girl crashing to the pavement.

Take a look:

Yeah, holy sh*t. That girl was seriously hurt.

Clearly, the kid with the ball and the girls on the bikes have some sort of history. Maybe the girls are total jerks who always pick on him. Maybe he’s a little d-bag who always gives them a hard time. Maybe they’re brother and sister. Whatever the case, they obviously know each other.

Still, I hope that kid spent a couple of hours in jail. He could have killed somebody.

And don’t give me that “she instigated it” nonsense, either. The kid was totally getting ready to throw the ball before the girl even opened her mouth. There’s absolutely no justification other than he’s an idiot.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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