Big Ten Basketball Player Talks to New York Magazine About How Incredibly Easy It Is to Score with Chicks

big ten basketball player writes article about sex

Everyone knows that big time college athletes don’t have a hard time finding people to hook up with. However, according to one anonymous Big Ten basketball player, it might be even easier than we thought.

This anonymous Big Ten basketball player talked to New York Magazine for an article in their October 19 issue. In the article, he explains that he hooks up with random groupies four or five times a week, and he barely has to try:

Girls message you, get right down to the point and say “Let’s hook up.” Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook. I’d say I’m hooking up four or five times a week. Sometimes on the weekend I’ll hook up with two or three different girls. Many of them are just hooking up with me because I’m a basketball.

Mr. Anonymous also revealed that athletes have competitions to see who can score with the most (and hottest) chicks:

Our freshman summer we actually made it a competition: Who could have sex with the most girls. We had a point system, and we called ourselves the EFC: Elite Fucking Committee. We’d keep track and meet up on Sunday and tell stories.

But of course, this easy-banging lifestyle comes with drawbacks. For one thing, he said sex is better when you’re “emotionally attracted” to the person. For another, there’s always the very real possibility that a girl could accuse you of sexual assault:

The girls make it very obvious what they want, so I don’t push them at all. But women are kind of crazy sometimes, especially with athletes and wanting to get their money. Obviously, as college athletes, we don’t really have money right now, but it’s kind of scary: Any girl that I hook up with could lie and say that I sexually assaulted her or raped her. The woman usually gets the benefit of the doubt in those cases. I remember reading an article on Justin Bieber and how he had a consent form for girls to sign and I’ve honestly thought about doing something similar.

Aww, that sounds hard!

But hey, here’s a crazy thought if you don’t want to be accused of rape (or, for that matter, contract a sexually transmitted disease): stop sleeping with three to five different chicks every week!

I mean, if you’re taking life advice from Justin F**king Bieber it might be time to re-evaluate sh*t, you know?

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