Cam Newton Says Fine the Media for Bad Predictions

cam newton

Cam Newton wants to hold the sports media a little more accountable for the things that they say. I don’t think he’ll get a lot of opposition from the public, but it’s a touchy subject.

Cam Newton suggests that the media should be fined for bad predictions that they make.

What? Yes.

Ok. I could see that being troublesome, since the media does have a job to report things and occasionally opine on matters. And those predictions really don’t hurt anyone, save for sensitive quarterback types.

He said the following in a video on Black and Blue Review:

“No offense, but I find all media comical at times. I think your guys’ profession, you can easily take back what you say. There’s no danger when somebody says it. … If it was a pay cut or if it was an incentive, if picking teams each and every week you may get a raise, I guarantee it, people would watching what they say then.

“They should have an incentive if you make a bold statement if you’re correct, you get an x-amount increase. But if you make a bold statement and it goes the other way, you get deducted. Going straight to the Cam Newton Foundation.”

Well, at least it would go to charity?

As ridiculous as the idea is, there is a big premium placed on crazy-ass ideas that stand alone in the crowded landscape of sports journalism.  So while we empathize, I don’t think Cam Newton will have the authority to fine the media any time soon.

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