This Daniel Fells Homecoming Video Will Warm Your Icy Heart (Video)

daniel fells homecoming video

At the end of September, New York Giants tight end Daniel Fells received a cortisone shot to help him deal with a lingering ankle injury. A few days later, on October 2, he was hospitalized for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, an extremely dangerous staph infection that is difficult to treat because it is immune to most antibiotics. In some cases MRSA can lead to amputation and, if the infection gets into the blood, death,

Fells’ infection was in his foot. He remained in the hospital for 18 days and, according to NFL media insider Ian Rapoport, underwent seven surgeries in an attempt to save his infected foot.

Fortunately, the treatment has been successful. Sources say the infection is now “under control,” and Fells was able to avoid amputation. Most importantly, on Wednesday he was able to go home from the hospital and be with his family.

His kids? They could not have been more excited:

Back where I’m supposed to be. Thanks for all the love and support everyone.

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Melts the heart, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, Fells is not completely out of the woods just yet. Apparently he will have to undergo at least one more surgery, and his foot has been so ravaged that it’s possible he may never play in the NFL again.

The important thing, though, is that his kids still have their daddy.

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