Floyd Mayweather Shows off His Championship Belt Collection on Instagram (Pic)

It seems that boxing champ and low-level person Floyd Mayweather┬áspends most of his time communicating with the outside world either via Instagram or TMZ. This time, it’s Instagram. The boxer took a picture with all his belts, and, as much as Floyd Mayweather is a pretty rotten person, it’s a (sigh) cool pic.

Each belt is just the right amount of gaudy, and lord knows there are plenty of them.

Here’s the post:

It took 19 years but they'll talk about it forever. #tbe #tmt www.themoneyteam.com

A photo posted by Floyd Mayweather (@floydmayweather) on

Good for you, Floyd. Now do a decent act, any decent act, and maybe we’ll view you in a different light.

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