Watch Chairs Fly and Property Get Destroyed During This Nasty Manchester City-Sevilla Soccer Brawl (Videos)

soccer brawl manchester city sevilla

Sevilla travelled to Manchester on Wednesday for a Champions League match against Manchester City. So, naturally, a bunch of fans brawled in the streets and caused thousands of dollars worth of property damage. Because it’s soccer, and that’s what soccer fans do.

We don’t know for sure whose supporters were involved in the brawl. One of the factions is definitely made up of Sevilla fans. However, it’s unclear whether the other faction is made up of City fans, United fans, or, as Sports Illustrated suggests for some reason, fans of Polish club Slask Wroclaw.

Hell, the other faction could just be random Mancunians who happen to share a hatred for foreigners. Who knows?

All we really know is that, in the future, the restaurants in that part of town may want to use heavier chairs on their patios—chairs that are considerably more difficult to pick up and hurl at other people.

Take a look at the madness:

Hey Europe, how about this? You’re not allowed to get all preachy and judgemental about American race riots until you guys figure out a way to stop people from losing their minds over soccer games. Cool?

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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