Racist Dynamo Kyiv Hooligans Attack Black Fans During Champions League Match Against Chelsea (Video)

racist dynamo kiev fans

A pack of racist Dynamo Kyiv hooligans targeted, tracked down, and attacked a group of four black soccer fans during Dynamo’s 0-0 Champions League draw against Chelsea in the Ukraine on Tuesday.

Video footage of the disgusting incident was obtained by the FARE Network, an organization that fights racism in European soccer. FARE then passed the footage on to UEFA, the governing body of European soccer, which plans to investigate the matter. Given that UEFA fined Dynamo €15,000 last March as the result of fans’ racist behavior during a Europa League match, you can expect a more severe punishment this time around.

The video obtained by FARE is disturbing. At first you just see several white fans making their way across the stands, moving from one section to another. Then you realize these fans are pursuing four black man, who are trying to get away. Then, all of a sudden, the four men get attacked.

Fortunately, just as you’re about to lose all hope for humanity, another group of Dynamo Kyiv fans steps in to protect the black fans from the racist hooligans, protecting them until the path is clear for them to escape.

Take a look:

Some might say it’s unfair to fine or penalize the team for their fans’ actions. But Dynamo Kyiv has a responsibility to ensure public safety at their games. The moment that fight broke out, riot police should have been there to break it up.

Luckily, the good Dynamo fans stepped up to save the day.

Hat Tip – [The Guardian]

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