Report: Prostitute May Have Shot Up Lamar Odom With Cocaine and Heroin

Love Ranch brothel

If you believe anything prostitutes tell you, then you may be interested in hearing what one of them had to say about what transpired on the day that Lamar Odom nearly died.

According to In Touch magazine, Love Ranch Brothel prostitute Ryder Cherry (probably not her real name) has unveiled some interesting details to a brothel insider regarding exactly what happened prior to them finding Odom alone in his room in a state of comatose.

As the story goes, Odom brought some cocaine of his own to the brothel, but he also asked Cherry to get him some additional drugs.  She obliged, called her dealers, and once the drugs were delivered, Cherry returned to the room to shoot Lamar up with a “speedball,” which is a combination of cocaine and heroin.  Ryder then left the room and told the rest of the workers at the brothel that Lamar wanted some alone time to nap, so she and another woman went for ice cream.

Not surprisingly, Ryder herself has told a different version of the story, as she claims that Lamar didn’t ask to be shot up with anything.  Rather, he simply made her a list of groceries, which included things like apple pie and chips, and when she returned with the requested items, that’s when they found Odom unresponsive in his room.

So, which story are you going to believe?

Hat Tip – [In Touch]

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