Watch a Golfer Use Her Teammate’s Butt as a Tee (Video)


I guess when you’re a golfer, repetition can get to ya. The act of swinging that club over and over can get a little boring, so you’ll want to mix things up. Like, instead of using the ground to hold the tee, how about your teammate’s ass?

USF’s Maria Rodriguez must have been thinking something along those lines, because she chipped a shot off a tee that was (somehow) firmly held in her teammate’s butt. The fact that they were both clothed makes this slightly more acceptable.

Here’s the video:

Things you can do with a big butt and a good golf swing ⛳️ @nanimerchi

A video posted by @marirodriguez on

And here’s a glamour shot of Maria with some Instagrammy-y gibberish written as a comment:

•The eyes shout what the lips fear to say • A photo posted by @marirodriguez on

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