El Classico Corruption Scandal: Linesman Says Boss Told Him to Favor Real Madrid Over Barcelona in November 21 Match

el classico corruption scandal

A linesman who was selected to work next month’s “El Classico” between Real Madrid and Barcelona has filed a complaint with the police alleging that a fix is on.

The identity of the linesman is still unknown at this point, probably because he hopes to avoid getting his kneecaps broken by some bookies. However, according to the complaint, the head referee for the November 21 match told the linesman (1) the league’s refereeing committee was pressuring him to favor Real Madrid, and (2) that it would be “more convenient” if the most difficult calls are not made by the main referee.

The complaint also says that Jose Angel Jimenez Munoz de Morales, a member of the league’s refereeing committee, contacted the linesman directly to make sure it was clear he is supposed to favor Real Madrid.

None of these claims have been proven at this point. The investigation is barely underway. However, match-fixing schemes are not uncommon in Europe, or particularly in Spain, where there is a long history of Real Madrid being the beneficiary of institutional favoritism.

Hell, just look at what Atlético Madrid manager Diego Simeone said before the season even started:

The league is dangerously prepared for Real Madrid. Madrid cannot go seven years with only winning one league. This year I think that sadly it is difficult to see another team winning it.

Obviously, that doesn’t prove the linesman is telling the truth. But it shows how hard it will be to convince people that he isn’t.

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