Indianapolis Punter Pat McAfee Explains the Infamous Colts Trick Play on Bob & Tom Show (Video)

colts punter pat mcafee explains the infamous colts trick play

We here on the internet have really enjoyed making fun of the Indianapolis Colts for that terrible trick play they attempted against the New England Patriots on Sunday Night Football. And I mean really enjoyed it. We’ve seen memes, documentary parodies, fake Facebook posts, and even Tecmo Bowl re-enactments. And it’s been fantastic.

However, now that we’ve finally stopped laughing, maybe we should let someone try to explain what the hell was supposed to happen, and what the hell went wrong.

Sure, coach Chuck Pagano already tried doing that in his post-game press conference. But he didn’t paint a clear picture, and when he was done he left us with more questions than answers.

Thankfully, the Colts punter makes more sense than the coach.

Watch as Pat McAfee explains what was supposed to happen and why it didn’t on the Bob & Tom radio show earlier this week:

So the point was to try to trick the Patriots into thinking they were subbing the kicking team off and putting the offense back on the field, thereby inducing the Patriots into making defensive substitutions of their own. Then, when the Patriots were in the process of subbing guys on, the Colts were to snap the ball and catch them with too many men.

However, there were also two backup plans. If the Colts couldn’t catch the Pats in a change, they were supposed to wait as long as possible and try to draw a Pats players offside. And if that didn’t work, they were just supposed to run out the play clock without snapping the ball, take a five-yard delay of game penalty, and then punt. But the Colts were never supposed to snap the ball and try to run a play, because there wasn’t really a play to run.

The main problem? The guy who was supposed to play center got injured, and the guy who took his place didn’t understand when he was supposed to snap the ball.

Of course, that still comes down on Pagano. The Colts simply should not have attempted such a complicated gimmick with a guy who hasn’t been practicing it all week.

It kind of makes you wonder if Pagano even knew that the guy who was supposed to play center was injured.

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