Why Was Adrian Peterson Downgraded to “Questionable” on Saturday? Because Adrian Peterson Swallowed Chewing Tobacco and Got Sick

adrian peterson swallowed chewing tobacco

If you have Adrian Peterson on your fantasy team, you might not have been too happy to see him take the field on Sunday and rush for a game-high 98 yards against the Lions.

Why? Because you probably decided not to start Adrian Peterson based on the fact that he was downgraded to “questionable” with a mysterious illness on Saturday night.

So what was the illness that screwed up your fantasy roster this week? Well, one report says Peterson ate some bad shellfish. But that report is probably untrue. Seeing as how Peterson is allergic to shellfish, he would have gone into anaphylactic shock, not thrown up.

The more likely story? It’s this:

Yep, Peterson accidentally swallowed some chew during a bumpy landing into Detroit. He denies it of course:

But that’s probably what happened. Which is disgusting.

Of course, if you’re wondering, Fox’s NFL rules expert, Mike Pereia, did a report on the NFL’s tobacco rules:

Fascinating stuff. Thanks, Mike.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin, Shutdown Corner]

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