Alex Burmistrov Admits Fault after Elbowing Penalty (Video)

Alex Burmistrov

You don’t often see NHL players admitting fault for their transgressions, no matter how blatant they are. Instead, you normally see them bicker and protest, to no avail. After taking that course of action following an elbowing call in last night’s Winnipeg-Minnesota game, we seethe Jets’ Alex Burmistrov step up and actually admit fault.

And the camera captured it all! Take a look:

After seeing the replay on the jumpbotron, Alex realizes, yup, that’s a penalty.

It’s not some hugely noble gesture to admit fault, but it’s nice to see a hockey player show that they’re actually watching the same game we are when a penalty is that egregious.  Plus, his facial expression just makes it that much better. It’s like when a kid spills his cereal everywhere. It’s a combination of shame, admission, and being kind of impressed with the thing you just did.

Hat Tip – [CBSSports]

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