California Congressman Sings “Meet the Mets” on House Floor Because He Lost a Bet (Video)

California Congressman sings Meet the Mets on House Floor After Losing Bet to New York Congressman

If you follow sports, then you know politicians are always quick to grab a little publicity when the local team makes the playoffs. It’s all right there in the “How to Succeed in Politics” handbook: “Did the local football team make the Super Bowl? Make a friendly wager with the mayor from the other town in the Super Bowl! The voters will think you are a super hip sports dude, and you’ll get your name in the blogs and newspapers for free.”

Of course, usually these wagers are silly and don’t impact governance in any way. Most often the politicians will wager some local delicacy (“You win, we send a case of our mustard. We win, you send 50 pounds of smoked beef brisket.”) And at the very worst they’ll have to do something like wear the other team’s jersey to work for a week.

That wasn’t the case when the Mets and Dodgers met in the NLDS, though. Before hand, California Congressman Adam Schiff and New York Congressman Steve Israel, Democratic colleagues in the House of Representatives, made a friendly wager. And while I don’t know what Israel would have done had the Mets lost, I know that, as punishment for the Mets winning, Schiff had to sing “Meet the Mets.” On the House floor. During an actual session of the United States Congress.


I’d like to say that is the biggest, most embarrassing waste of time in the history of the United States House of Representatives. But we all know that isn’t true.

Go politics!

Hat Tip – [CNN]

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