This Reporter’s Reaction to Jerry Jones’ Comment on Greg Hardy Is Perfect (Video)

Jerry Jones disgusts reporter

Following Sunday’s in-game spat between Greg Hardy and anyone who got in his way on the Cowboys sideline during the fourth quarter of their 27-20 loss to the Giants, Dallas owner Jerry Jones stepped in front of the media and fed them a bunch of bullshit, claiming Hardy is “one of the real leaders on this team.” He even went on to say that Hardy has the respect of all his teammates and inspires them with the way he warms up.

It was about as awkward as it was hilarious.  And it was all caught on camera.  However, there’s a key to watching this video which will allow you to get the most enjoyment out of it.  What you’ll want to do is listen to the words coming out of Jerry Jones’ mouth, while focusing your attention on the reactions of MMQB reporter Jenny Vrentas.

If you look close enough, it almost appears as though she pukes in her mouth when Jones mentions that Hardy is one of the team’s leaders and he’s earned it:

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