Lamar Odom Update: Kidneys Failing, Brain Scans Reveal Evidence of a Dozen Strokes

lamar odom update 12 strokes failing kidneys

In last week’s Lamar Odom update, we leaned that the former NBA star’s apparent overdose at the Lovebunny brothel in Las Vegas may have come after he had a prostitute inject him with a “speedball,” which is a dangerous mix of heroine and cocaine.

Whether or not that story was 100% accurate, this week we’re learning that Lamar Odom definitely has a very long road ahead.

One major problem? A series of brain scans has revealed that Odom suffered 12 (yes, twelve) strokes early on in his medical emergency. While his vital organs appear to have been unaffected, right now his ability to walk and talk is significantly diminished. And at this point nobody is willing to hazard a guess as to whether the effects will be permanent.

Before Odom can begin to rehab from the strokes, however, he’s going to have to deal with his renal situation. As one of TMZ’s sources put it, “his kidneys are shot.” Thus, Odom is currently undergoing six hours of dialysis per day, and it’s believed he’ll need a kidney transplant at some point.

We here at Total Pro Sports hope that Odom gets well soon. But kids, this is why you want to stay away from drugs, okay?

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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