The Panthers Trolled Ohio State Players During Their Intros (Video)

If you’re a football fan, or even if you just watch a lot of Key and Peele, you know that a few players have distinct ways of referring to their alma maters. For instance, Miami is often “The U,” and Ohio State is, for reasons I don’t really care to understand, “THE Ohio State University.” It’s a little pompous, but it’s a good program and mostly harmless, so no one’s really bothered to go on a crusade against it. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t get mocked from time to time.

Last night, the Panthers, in their intros duringĀ a game against the Eagles, decided to sprinkle the “THE” into other colleges and universities, no doubt to the dismay of Buckeye faithful everywhere.

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They only half-sell the joke, so it’s a little better on paper than it is in practice, but still funny.

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